Single Processed

Double Process.

what is the difference between a superior monument and an average one?

      The difference comes from the skilled carving method used by Michael Brenner, owner of Houston County Monument Works, called Double ProcessingDouble ProcessCarving produces monuments that have the sharpest and longest lasting lettering possible.  Single process carving is widely used in today's "mass production, hurry up" world, and the finished products reflect that. Single process carving results in the edges of the letter/design to have rounded over edges - resulting in a monument that is not crisp or easily visible. It is very important to know that a single process stone will fade and flake at a much faster rate. Many manufacturers hope you won't notice this inferior result.  We use Double Process Carving because we take pride in producing the highest quality monuments for our clients and your loved ones.  Double Process Carving produces the best.  Your loved one deserves the best. Compare our monuments, and you will easily see the difference. We create monuments that endure the test of time.


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